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Newcastle Falcons UK - Artificial Rugby Pitch

newcastle falcons players on artificial rugby pitch

SIS were approached by Newcastle Falcons to build a full size artificial rugby pitch which could be used by both professionals and amateurs - in their case Newcastle Falcons and Gosforth Rugby Club.

The brief required that the synthetic pitch meet and exceed IRB requirements and to be completed by September 2007.

The rugby pitch was built on an existing soccer pitch, this pitch was removed, a new drainage system was installed at 5 metre centres, stone base added and laser levelled.

A Schmitz shock pad was added to meet the IRB requirements such as HIC values.

newcastle falcons rugby pitch by night

Finally, a new synthetic carpet, the SIS Rugger, was developed in conjunction with Tencate; this carpet has unique features in terms of performance and softness.

The synthetic carpet was installed by SIS employees and infilled using a state of the art machine called the Sandmatic. The whole project took 10 weeks.

The artificial pitch is used daily by both professionals and amateurs and the Newcastle are very pleased both with the new, synthetic surface and the players' performance.

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